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  • Tools and tips before you get a dog
  • How to get your dog’s attention
  • Best way to get a sit position
  • Watch, Listen, and NO commands
  • Stay and wait
  • Contact with other dogs
  • Controlled walk
  • How to OUT your dog
  • Down position

BONUS – Shaking hands and other tricks

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Can my dog be trained?

Yes. Well, in my opinion, every dog can be trained. Any dog that has properly been socialized and was born from balanced parents can be trained. Dogs that are born with some minuses or don’t have a very balanced nervous system can also be worked on and compensate with proper socialization. The ability to train a dog does not depend on breed or age – the only difference consists in how long is the training going to take depending on each individual.

Why is my puppy biting?

I would rather say why shouldn’t he bite? 

Because they see things like this: “if I try something and I can do it, I will keep doing it, especially if I’m having success” They can bite for all kinds of reasons, such as: they are teething, they are playing with you, they are provoking you, they are afraid of you, they want to dominate you they just want to show you that they can bite. So every time you let them do it, they are going to repeat it, and especially if they are successful in doing so it’s gonna be really hard to wean them off biting.

Where should a first time dog owner start?

For people looking to get a dog –  you can find all sorts of dogs at the rescue centers, so feel free to adopt rather than shop!

For those who want to buy a breed – you need to take a look at the dog’s daily activity, their temperament, their availability in time… so take all these into consideration when you start looking in order to find a breed that’s suitable for you.

Why is my dog pulling so hard when we go for a walk?

This is the most frequent question that people ask me. It all depends on how good and correct you can use your leash and collar on your dog. It also depends on what kind of leash and collar you use on your dog: Is it efficient? Are you using it properly? What does your dog understand when you use it?


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Our high-quality content works for all types of dogs and meets the most rigorous industry requirements.

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